After discovering a stray dog that had been hit by a car, sustaining inoperable injuries, Clarke Pharmaceuticals embarked on creating a new division, CPVet, to address the needs of animals.

CEO and Co-founder, Christopher Clarke, who is also an avid animal lover having grown up raising German Shepherds and  horses, thought to try OsteoBLAST on the injured canine.  Clarke Pharmaceuticals has successfully been using this formulation in conjunction with conventional medical treatments on fractures and osteoporosis in people for years so he surmised that it could be equally beneficial in animals. After extensive research regarding the safety of the ingredients for pets, Christopher set out to determine an appropriate dosage for small dogs. It was a “wait-and-see” approach after sprinkling the daily dose on the canine’s food, but as predicted, the dog’s injuries healed in half the time. This speedy recovery was deemed “no less than amazing” by the veterinary team who cared for the dog. (See Stormin’ Norman).

CPVet is backed by the scientific research of Lewis K. Clarke, M.D., Ph.D. who has successfully treated patients with a mix of traditional and alternative treatments in his practice over the last 38 years. His “outside-of-the-box” approach to medicine is a big part of who we are today. It is consistent with our belief in offering exceptional, natural, alternative beliefs to patients (two legs or four) needing safe and effective options for fractures, osteoporosis and arthritis. We treat you like we would our own family and pets.


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